A.   The code official shall make all the required inspections, or the code official shall accept reports of inspection by approved agencies or individuals; and all reports of such inspections shall be in writing and certified by a responsible officer of such approved agency or by the responsible individual. The code official is authorized to engage such expert opinion as deemed necessary to report upon unusual technical issues that arise subject to the approval of the appointing authority.
   B.   No building or structure shall be used or occupied, and no change in the existing occupancy classification of a building or structure or portion thereof shall be made until the building official has issued a certificate of occupancy therefore as provided herein.
      1.   Occupying a structure is defined as any person or object not participating in the construction process maintaining a presence on the property for a period of more than eight hours per day.
      2.   No certificate of occupancy shall be issued until all final inspections (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, driveway, etc.) are completed prior to requesting an occupancy inspection.
      3.   Temporary certificates of occupancy may be available on a limited basis provided all fire/life/safety issues have been addressed.
      4.   In any case where any building, structure or premises within the city is being built, used or occupied in violation of any provisions of the ordinances of the city, the building official may notify the city manager of such fact and request discontinuance of water service to such building, structure or premises until such violation has been discontinued and remedied to the satisfaction of the building official. This Section is not to be construed or read to eliminate or alter the other penalties for violations provided by Section 10-1-12 of the city code.  (Ord. 941, 11-14-2011; amd. Ord. 2020-004, 2-10-2020).