A.   Fine Imposed: Unless otherwise provided, any person, firm or corporation who violates any provision of this chapter, performs any unlawful act as defined in this chapter, or fails to perform any act required shall, upon conviction thereof, be guilty of an offense and shall be fined in an amount set by the Board of Commissioners as provided in the fines and fees schedule in appendix A, division II of this Code. Each day upon which a violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense. (Ord. 856, 3-12-2001; amd. 2013 Code)
   B.   List Of Violations: The following is a list of traffic violations that have been adopted by the City Commission, the fines for which shall be as set out in the fines and fees schedule in appendix A, division II of this Code:
      1.   Seat belt violation.
      2.   Antinoise ordinance.
      3.   Cutting across private property.
      4.   Depositing or throwing material on roadway.
      5.   Failure to obey traffic control signal.
      6.   Illegal U-turn.
      7.   Improper equipment.
      8.   Parking violations.
      9.   School zone violations.
      10.   Speeding.
      11.   Vehicle license and registration violations.
      12.   Failure to properly use a child car seat.
      13.   Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.
      14.   Reckless or distracted driving.
      15.   Any other violations of State driving laws.
   C.   Election To Pay Fine To Court Clerk: Persons cited for violation of one of the traffic regulatory ordinances of the City, other than: 1) an offense related to the use of alcohol, drugs, or any form of intoxicant; 2) a second traffic offense within a twelve (12) month period; 3) a driver's license offense; or 4) an offense punishable by imprisonment, may elect to pay the maximum fine for said offense to the Court Clerk. (Ord. 850, 12-19-2000; amd. 2013 Code)