A.   An annual budget calendar shall be established and observed, as outlined in subsection B of this section.
   B.   To ensure adequate time is provided near the end of a given fiscal year to permit thorough review by the city commission of the following year's budget proposal, a formal budget calendar containing intermediate milestones or deadlines will be adopted as follows:
      1.   Meetings of the planning and zoning commission to address long term capital improvement plan (October - February).
      2.   Issuance of budget request instructions and forms by the city treasurer - January 1.
      3.   Return of completed budget request forms by department heads to the city treasurer - February 15.
      4.   Development of initial revenue estimates by the city treasurer - March 1.
      5.   Completion of utility rate structure analysis - March 15.
      6.   Submission of first draft of budget proposal by the city treasurer to the city manager - April 1.
      7.   Working sessions with the city commission (April - May).
      8.   Presentation of the city manager's proposed budget to the city commission - May 16 (legal deadline June 1).
      9.   Public hearing on proposed budget - June (legal deadline June 15).
      10.   Final adoption of approved budget - June (legal deadline June 24). (Ord. 896, 11-8-2004)