A.   Content: The annual budget messages of the city manager shall include certain content, as outlined in subsection B of this section.
   B.   Additional Requirements: In addition to the requirements stated in this chapter regarding budgeting of fund balance reserves, the city manager's annual budget message shall include at a minimum:
      1.   An explanation of the underlying assumptions on which key revenue source estimates were based, as well as the presence of any significant onetime revenue sources;
      2.   An explicit statement explaining any changes in tax structure, rate, or fees proposed as a part of the proposed budget;
      3.   A listing of new operations spending initiatives financed in the proposed budget, including, where applicable, the size of any subsequent out year cost increases expected;
      4.   A listing of any significant capital expenditures proposed; and
      5.   Where applicable, explanations as to why fund balance reserves were budgeted. (Ord. 896, 11-8-2004)