Statutory Authorization, Findings of Fact, Purpose and Objectives
   151.01   Definitions
   151.02   Statutory authorization
   151.03   Findings of fact
   151.04   Statement of purpose
   151.05   Objectives
General Provisions
   151.06   Lands to which chapter applies
   151.07   Basis for establishing special flood hazard areas
   151.08   Establishment of local elevation standard to serve as regulatory flood protection elevation in Shaded X and Unshaded X Zones
   151.09   Establishment of floodplain development permit
   151.10   Compliance
   151.11   Abrogation and greater restrictions
   151.12   Interpretation
   151.13   Warning and disclaimer of liability
Provisions for Flood Hazard Reduction
   151.25   General standards
   151.26   Specific standards
   151.27   Standards for floodplains without established base flood elevations
   151.28   Standards for riverine floodplains with base flood elevations but without established floodways or non-encroachment areas
   151.29   Floodways and non-encroachment areas
   151.30   Coastal high hazard areas (Zones VE)
   151.31   Standards for areas of shallow flooding (Zone AO)
   151.40   Designation of Floodplain Administrator
   151.41   Floodplain development application, permit and certification requirements
   151.42   Duties and responsibilities of Floodplain Administrator
   151.43   Corrective procedures
   151.44   Variance procedures
Legal Status Provisions
   151.50   Effect on rights and liabilities under the existing flood damage prevention ordinance
   151.51   Effect upon outstanding floodplain development permits
   151.52   Effective date
   151.99   Penalty
   Appendix A:   Declaration of Restrictive Covenant; Nonconversion Agreement
   Appendix B:   Release of Restrictive Covenant