(A)   The custodian of every animal shall be responsible for the care, licensing, vaccination, actions and behavior of such animal.
   (B)   The custodian of every animal shall take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the animal does not pose a risk to health or safety of the public.
   (C)   The custodian of any animal shall not allow that animal to be habitually or repeatedly chase, snap at, attack or bark at pedestrians, bicyclists or vehicles, turn over refuse containers, damage gardens, flowers or vegetables, or conduct itself so as to be a public nuisance.
   (D)   No person in town shall knowingly and intentionally harbor, feed, keep in possession by confinement, or otherwise, any animal which does not belong to him or is not in his custodial care, unless he has, within 24 hours from the time such animal came into his possession, notified the animal control officer or Police Department. No person shall refuse to surrender any such stray dog or other animal to an authorized representative of the Animal Control Division upon demand of the representative.