(A)   Generally. Every law enforcement officer or animal control officer shall apprehend any dog found running at large contrary or is declared to be a public nuisance in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, and impound the dog in the town animal control shelter or other suitable place. The animal control officer, upon receiving such dog shall make a complete registry, entering the breed, color and sex of such dog.
   (B)   Notification. Immediately upon impounding an animal the Animal Control Division shall give notice as prescribed in this chapter.
   (C)   Transport to county animal shelter. If any impounded animal is not properly redeemed within seven days of impoundment, it may be transported to the county animal shelter where it may be humanely destroyed or otherwise disposed of.
   (D)   Immediate disposal. If an animal is officially surrendered by the custodian to the Animal Control Division to be placed in a home or destroyed in a humane manner, it may be disposed of immediately.
   (E)   Rabies control. Impounded animals which have been bitten by a rabid animal or appear to be suffering from rabies shall not be redeemed but shall be dealt with as provided in the rabies control provisions of this chapter.
   (F)   Wounded or diseased animals. Any impounded animal which is badly wounded or diseased, but not a rabies suspect, and which has no identification shall be destroyed immediately in a humane manner. If the animal has identification, the Animal Control Division shall attempt to notify the custodian before disposing of such animal; but if the custodian cannot be reached readily and the animal is suffering the Animal Control Division may destroy the animal at its discretion in a humane manner.