Each and every person; keeper or custodian of any dog on any public place, street, sidewalk, parking lot, on the private property of a person other than the owner, keeper or custodian, and on the beach shall immediately remove all feces deposited by the dog, shall carry or have on his person, at all times, an appropriate waste container for the immediate removal of all feces deposited by the dog and shall be responsible for displaying, presenting, showing, or otherwise providing evidence of possession of said container upon the request of any person responsible for enforcing civil citation offenses of this code upon presentation of proper identification. Failure to present evidence of such container shall be a violation of this section and penalty shall be imposed as provided in § 10.99. Such removal shall be accomplished by depositing such feces in an appropriate waste container which does not allow leakage or seepage of the feces and which is ultimately disposed of in a refuse container located on the property of the person, keeper or custodian of the animal or on the premises of which the animal's person, keeper or custodian is in lawful possession. Burying the feces in the sand or depositing the feces in the ocean is prohibited and constitutes a violation of this chapter.
(Am. Ord. 05-14, passed 8-8-05)