(A)   All persons interested in becoming a Program participant shall first apply for designation as a McGruff House with the Police Department. Upon receipt of an application for designation as a McGruff House, the Police Chief or Program Coordinator shall conduct a background check investigation of the applicant in accordance with G.S. Ch. 115C, Art. 21A and the regulations promulgated by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, Division of Criminal Information (NCSBI/DCI).
   (B)   To be accepted into the Program, applicants and their households must meet the following minimum criteria.
      (1)   General requirements.
         (a)   At least one member of the household shall be 21 years of age.
         (b)   The applicant shall have and maintain homeowners' liability insurance or, if renting, renters' liability insurance.
         (c)   The applicant shall have an operable telephone at all times during participation in the Program.
         (d)   The applicant shall agree to abide by the regulations of the Program as may be established by the Police Department and attend such educational sessions as may be conducted by the Police Department relative to Program participation.
         (e)   The application must be cleared through a law enforcement background investigation as described in division (A) of this section.
      (2)   Application. All applicants shall complete, date and sign an application form, including an agreement to a law enforcement criminal history background investigation and the submission of fingerprints taken by the Police Department.
      (3)   Background check; fingerprinting required. Every individual 16 years of age or older who lives in the applicant's household shall provide information as determined necessary by the Police Department, sign the application agreeing to a law enforcement criminal history background investigation and submit to fingerprinting by the Police Department.
         (a)   This information shall include full name, date of birth, social security number, driver's license number, race, sex and fingerprints taken by the Police Department.
         (b)   Certification of homeowners' or renters' liability insurance information shall be provided as set forth in the list of standard requirements.
         (c)   The initial background investigation shall include a local, state and national wanted files record check.
         (d)   A check of the applicant's state of residence for the past five years will be conducted for all residents who have lived in the state for one year or less.
         (e)   The criminal history background investigation shall include but is not limited to:
            1.   A check on the State Criminal History Repository;
            2.   A State Division of Motor Vehicles driver's history check; and
            3.   An in-house operations report for frequent calls to the applicant's address.
      (4)   All applications are to be recorded in an Applicant Log for tracking purposes.
(`88 Code, § 16-23) (Am. Ord. passed - -) Penalty, see § 10.99