(A)   The Police Department shall adopt a standard symbol to be used throughout the town by all Program participants which is substantially similar to the nationally recognized McGruff House symbol.
   (B)   The Police Chief, with approval by the Town Manager, shall establish appropriate regulations and procedures governing:
      (1)   Qualifications and criteria for designation as a McGruff House;
      (2)   Participants' duties and responsibilities (such responsibilities shall include but not be limited to duties regarding reporting of incidents to law enforcement personnel and the Dare County Department of Social Services' Child Protective Services Unit);
      (3)   Programs for publicizing the McGruff House Program;
      (4)   Dissemination of the McGruff House symbol to day care centers, schools and law enforcement agencies;
      (5)   Designation and registration of McGruff Houses with, and monitoring and periodic review of such houses by, the Police Department; and
      (6)   Coordination of the Program with the Dare County Department of Social Services Child Protective Services Unit.
(`88 Code, § 16-22) (Am. Ord. passed - -)