A.   Permitted Systems Requirements:  Solar energy systems (SES) are permitted in any zoning district, unless otherwise specified in this article, provided that all building permit requirements and general regulations are met including the Building Code, Zoning Code and the requirements referenced herein.
   B.   Prohibited Systems:  The following shall be prohibited in all zoning districts: freestanding or ground-mounted solar energy system, solar farm, and solar garden.
   C.   Accessory Structure:  SESs are permitted as accessory structures as detailed in this article.
   D.   On-Site Use:  Energy produced through the solar energy system shall be utilized on site; however, the energy output may be delivered to a power grid.
   E.   Utility Provider Notification:  Written evidence must be provided at the time a building permit is requested that the utility company has been notified of the customer's intent to install a solar energy system.
   F.   Glare:  Installation of the solar collection system shall not adversely impact adjacent properties.  A solar collection device or combination of devices shall be designed and located to avoid glare or reflection onto adjacent properties, businesses, residential homes and adjacent roadways and shall not interfere with traffic or create a safety hazard.  All solar energy systems using a reflector to enhance solar production shall minimize glare from the reflector that impacts adjacent or nearby properties.
   G.   Emergency Disconnect:  An external disconnect switch, readily accessible by emergency responders, and which is clearly identifiable and unobstructed, shall be provided to disconnect power at the solar panel.
   H.   Tree Removal:  Tree removal shall be minimized.  If trees or vegetation are to be removed or reduced to allow for the proper functioning of an SES, adherence to the Village's tree preservation ordinance will be required, which may include the replacement of trees.
   I.   Arrangement:  Where feasible, solar collector units shall be implemented to cover an entire roof face.
   J.   Building Permit Required:  No solar energy system (SES) shall be constructed or installed without first obtaining a building permit.
   K.   Approved Solar Components:  Electric solar energy system components must have an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listing or approved equivalent and solar hot water systems must have a Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) rating.
   L.   Compliance With Building Code:  All solar energy systems shall meet approval of local Building Code officials, consistent with Village of Kildeers' current adopted codes; and solar thermal systems shall comply with HVAC-related requirements of the current edition of the International Energy Conservation Code as adopted by the State of Illinois.
   M.   Compliance With National Electrical Code (NEC):  All photovoltaic systems shall comply with the current edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC) adopted by the Village.
   N.   Compliance With State Plumbing Code:  Solar thermal systems shall comply with applicable State of Illinois Plumbing Code requirements.  (Ord. 20-O-003, 1-21-2020)