All applications for building permits which involve the construction or repair of any new or existing sewage disposal or treatment facilities or water supply facilities, including all wells, shall be accompanied by a certificate of approval of design of said facilities from the Lake County Health Department. Said certificate of approval shall indicate that the applicant has conformed to all requirements of the Lake County Health Department which pertain to such facilities.
All drawings and/or drawings and specifications pertaining to the work shall be approved by the Lake County Health Department and shall accompany the application for building permit. No building permit will be issued by the Building Commissioner until such certificate and approval has been obtained.
The plans and specifications for any sewage disposal treatment facilities designed to serve ten (10) people or their equivalent shall be designed by a licensed Illinois engineer or architect who shall affix his seal and signature to said plans and specifications, and any charges, costs, fees, etc., which may be incurred by above requirements shall be paid by the applicant and no costs shall be borne by the Village. (Ord. 59-O-32, 7-20-1959)