A.   Administration: It shall be the duty of the village president and the village administrator to administer this title and to bring any violations or lack of compliance herewith to the attention of the village attorney.
   B.   Compliance Required:
      1.   Before Sale Of Lots Or Issuance Of Building Permit: No owner, or agent of the owner, of any parcel of land located in a proposed subdivision shall transfer or sell such parcel, nor shall any public official issue a building permit for the construction of buildings or structures within a proposed subdivision, before the final plat of said subdivision has been approved by the village board, in accordance with the provisions of this title, and filed with the recorder of deeds of Lake County, Illinois. No building permits shall be issued other than on a lot of record.
      2.   Before Plat Approval: No final plat of subdivision shall be approved which does not comply with all the provisions of this title.
   C.   Use Of Metes And Bounds Measure Prohibited: The subdivision of any lot or any parcel of land by the use of metes and bounds for the purpose of sale, transfer or lease with the intent of evading this title will not be permitted. All such described subdivisions shall be subject to all of the requirements and regulations contained in this title. (Ord. 99-O-791, 6-7-1999)