A.   Subdivision Within Corporate Limits: The provisions of this Title shall apply to all subdivisions and consolidation of land, as defined in Chapter 2 of this Title, located within the Village and entirely or in part within the unincorporated area within one and one-half (11/2) miles of the corporate limits of the Village, in accordance with 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes. This Title shall apply to those subdivisions of land proposed after the effective date hereof. This Title shall have no retroactive application. The subdivision plans and plats hereafter submitted, proposed improvements to be installed, and all procedures relating thereto, shall in all respects be in full compliance with the regulations herein. Any subdivisions of land which were proposed, and for which a preliminary plan and application for approval were filed prior to the effective date hereof shall conform to the requirements for plans, plats and property improvements to be installed of this Title, then in effect.
The provisions of this title shall also apply to all planned developments, whether residential, commercial or otherwise in nature, and to any and all other developments whether a subdivision is required or not under the laws, statutes, ordinances or regulations of the governmental body or agency having jurisdiction or control, and regardless of whether the same is labeled a subdivision or not, it being the intent of this title to apply to all types of development within the village.
   B.   Subdivision Outside Corporate Limits: Except as otherwise required by statute, certification on final plats of subdivision located in the unincorporated areas within one and one-half (11/2) miles beyond the village limits shall be those required by the Lake County subdivision regulations except when village subdivision regulations are more restrictive, the regulations contained herein shall also be required. (Ord. 99-O-791, 6-7-1999)