Any gainful occupation or profession engaged in by the occupant of a dwelling not involving the conduct of a retail business, manufacturing business, or a repair shop of any kind on the premises, and not including any occupation conducted in any building on the premises excepting the building which is used by the occupant as his private dwelling.
Home occupations further shall not include the employment of more than one person in the performance of such services.
There shall be no exterior display, no exterior sign except as allowed in the sign regulations for the district in which such home occupation is located, and there shall be no exterior storage of equipment or materials used in the home occupation.
Home occupation includes but is not limited to the following: art studio, dressmaking, professional office of a clergyman, lawyer, physician, dentist, architect, engineer or accountant, when located in a dwelling unit occupied by the same.
However, home occupation shall not be construed to include the following: clinic or hospital, barber shop, beauty parlor, commercial stable or kennel, tourist home, real estate office or restaurant. (Ord. 76-0-227, 12-2-76)