As used in this chapter, words in the present tense shall include future tense and words used in the singular number shall include the plural number and the plural the singular. The word SHALL and MUST are mandatory and not discretionary. The word MAY is permissive. For the purpose of this chapter certain terms and words are herein defined as follows:
   ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER. The Clerk of the City or another person appointed by the City Council to administer this chapter.
   ALLEY. Any strip of land publicly or privately owned, less than 33 feet in width between property lines, set aside for public vehicular access to abutting property.
   ARTERIAL ROAD or HIGHWAY (PRIMARY). A road or highway of considerable continuity designed primarily to serve as an interconnection link between sectors of the city and beyond (such as from within a city to outlying areas).
   BACKLOT. Residential lots without water frontage located in the Shoreland Area of the city.
   BACKSLOPE. The portion of the roadway cross-section beginning at the outside edge of the ditch bottom, sloping upward to a point where the slope intersects the existing ground line.
   CUL-DE-SAC. A road having but one end open to traffic and the other end being permanently terminated by a vehicular turnaround.
   DEDICATED STREET. A roadway designated for public use.
   DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES. Those goals defined as part of the city’s comprehensive planning program which indicate how the city wishes to develop itself in line with orderly and logical direction.
   EASEMENT. A grant by an owner of land for the specific use of said land by the public, generally, or to a person or persons.
   FEE SCHEDULE. A document setting forth the city’s fees for permits, appeals, variances and subdivision filings as adopted by ordinance by the City Council as provided in § 152.13.
   FINAL PLAT. The final map, drawing or chart on which the subdivider’s plan of subdivision is presented to the City Council for approval and which, if approved, will be submitted to the County Recorder.
   INSLOPE. The portion of the roadway cross-section beginning at the outside edge of the roadway shoulder, sloping downward to the inside edge of the ditch bottom.
   LOT. A parcel of land designated by plat, metes and bounds, registered land survey, auditor’s plat or other accepted means and separated from other parcels or portions by said description for the purpose of sale, lease or separation.
   METES AND BOUNDS. A description of real property which identifies a parcel of land by its shapes and boundaries, starting at a known point and describing the bearing and distances of lines forming the boundaries of the property or delineating a fractional portion of a section, lot or area by described lines or portions thereof.
   OWNER. Any individual, firm, association, syndicate, co-partnership, corporation, trust or any other legal entity having sufficient proprietary interest in the land sought to be subdivided to commence and maintain proceedings to subdivide the same under this chapter.
   PRELIMINARY PLAT. The preliminary map drawing or chart indicating the proposed layout of the subdivision to be submitted to the Planning Commission, if the city has a Planning Commission, and City Council for their consideration.
   PUBLIC ROAD. A particularly described and identified right-of-way, at least 33 feet in width, dedicated to public use for road or highway purposes.
   SERVICE ROAD. A public road having a traveled surface of at least 24 feet in width lying parallel and adjacent to an ARTERIAL ROAD or HIGHWAY and which provides access to abutting properties and protection from through traffic.
   STRUCTURE. Any building or appurtenance, including but not limited to, vision obstructing fences, decks, retaining walls, satellite dishes, except aerial or underground utility lines, such as sewer, electric, telephone, telegraph, gas lines, tower poles and other supporting facilities.
   SUBDIVIDER. Any person commencing proceedings under this chapter to affect a subdivision of land for himself/herself or for another.
   SUBDIVISION. A parcel of land which is divided.