§ 152.03 COMPLIANCE.
   (A)   Any subdivision creating parcels, tracts, or lots which results in one or more parcels, tracts or lots of less than five acres shall be platted, except as provided in this chapter.
   (B)   The provisions of M.S. Ch. 505 shall prevail over any inconsistent provisions in this chapter.
   (C)   No conveyance other than those described in division (A) above, shall be recorded unless it meets the requirements of § 152.11 herein.
   (D)   No conveyance or other document creating a subdivision of any real property other than by a duly approved plat, shall be recorded unless accompanied by a registered surveyor’s drawing for recording. The surveyor’s drawing shall accurately illustrate the subdivider’s entire lot, parcel or tract which is subdivided by the conveyance or other document, and shall illustrate the location of any wetlands, lakes, rivers, streams or other public waters on that property. No conveyance or other document shall be recorded unless accompanied by this surveyor’s drawing.
   (E)   Any surveyor performing a survey in the city shall file a copy of that survey with the County Recorder and the Clerk.
   (F)   No deed or other document purporting to subdivide property shall be recorded or certified for recording by the County Auditor, County Treasurer or County Recorder unless it meets the requirements set forth above.