§ 152.01 PURPOSE.
   (A)   In order to integrate new subdivisions with the development objectives of the city and to contribute to an attractive, stable and wholesome environment, adequate public services and an integrated safe road and highway system, the subdividing of land in the city shall be required. The provisions of this chapter shall not be in effect until the provisions of Chapter 151, Zoning, become effective, as provided in §§ 151.01 (B) and 151.05. If the city has in effect as of the effective date of this chapter, any ordinances regulating the subdivision of land within shorelands or floodplains, the provisions of those ordinances shall supersede the provisions of this chapter within the areas regulated. The provisions of this chapter shall not be in effect until a certified copy of this chapter is filed with the County Recorder as required by M.S. § 462.36, as it may be amended from time to time.
   (B)   Minimum design features. The design features set forth in this chapter are minimum requirements. The city may impose additional or more stringent requirements concerning lot size, streets and overall design as deemed appropriate considering the property being subdivided.
   (C)   Zoning ordinance and zoning map consistency. Subdivisions and preliminary or final plats may only be approved if they are consistent with the city’s zoning ordinance and official zoning maps, if any.