(A)   Notice of completion. When the work under any permit hereunder is completed, the permittee shall furnish a completion certificate in accordance Minn. Rules part 7819.1300, as it may be amended from time to time.
   (B)   Site inspection. The permittee shall make the work-site available to city personnel and to all others as authorized by law for inspection at all reasonable times during the execution of and upon completion of the work.
   (C)   Authority of City.
      (1)   At the time of inspection, the Clerk, Utilities Superintendent or other person designated by the Council may order the immediate cessation of any work which poses a serious threat to the life, health, safety, or well-being of the public.
      (2)   The city may issue an order to the permittee for any work which does not conform to the terms of the permit or other applicable standards, conditions, or codes. The order shall state that failure to correct the violation will be cause for revocation of the permit. Within ten days after issuance of the order, the permittee shall present proof to the city that the violation has been corrected. If proof has not been presented within the required time, the city may revoke the permit pursuant to § 93.33.