In order to protect children from exposure to lurid signs and materials, to avoid the appearance that the windows are boarded up and that the property is deteriorating, and to preserve the value of property surrounding sexually oriented businesses, the following sign regulations apply to all sexually oriented businesses.
   (A)   All signs must be flat wall signs. No signs may be freestanding, located on the roof or contain any flashing lights, moving elements or electronically or mechanically changing messages.
   (B)   No merchandise, photos or pictures of the products or entertainment on the premises may be displayed in or immediately behind window areas or any other area, if they can be viewed from outside the portion of the building in which the business is located.
   (C)   Window areas must not be covered or made opaque in any way. No signs may be placed in a window. A sign no larger than one square foot must be placed on the main entrance door and must state, “adults only.” The letters of this message must be a minimum of two inches high. The only other information on this sign may be the hours of operation.
   Sexually Oriented Businesses, Ch. 119