A purchaser shall record each purchase involving secondhand personal property and the following information shall be required.
   (a)   The name of the person selling and/or delivering secondhand personal property to the purchaser;
   (b)   The date of the purchase;
   (c)   The valid driver’s license number or age-of-majority identification number from any credit card or identification card (including the name of the type of card from which the identification number is taken) of the person or persons selling the secondhand personal property, or a legible thumbprint:
   (d)   The name of the person making the record entry;
   (e)   A description of the item purchased by the licensed purchaser, including but not limited to, a description of the metallic composition, any jewels, stones, or glass, and a listing of all numbers, marks, monograms, trademarks, manufacturers names, serial numbers, and any other marks of identification appearing on the items;
   (f)   Evidence of obliteration, defacing, removal, alteration or covering of any numbers, marks, monograms, trademarks, manufacturers’ names, serial numbers or any other marks of identification on the item;
   (g)   The consideration paid for the item;
   (h)   The purchaser shall report all the information required by this section in writing to the Chief of Police within twenty four hours of the purchase.