(a)   No person shall engage in the barter, trade or purchase of any secondhand personal property unless such person has obtained a license from the City Administrator.
   (b)   The City Administrator is hereby authorized to grant annual licenses to purchasers of secondhand personal property and such license fee shall be in the sum of twenty dollars ($20.00) per fiscal year.
   (c)   Purchasers shall display their licenses granted under this article permanently in a highly visible location on each of the premises from which they conduct transactions in secondhand personal property.
   (d)   A license shall not be transferred or assigned.
   (e)   Applicants for a license under this subtitle shall file an application on the form provided by the City Administrator, and giving the information and requirements listed below:
      (1)   Name and maiden name, if any.
      (2)   Residence address.
      (3)   Residence addresses for the past ten years.
      (4)   Birth date.
      (5)   Place of birth.
      (6)   Physical description.
      (7)   Whether ever convicted of a felony or whether ever convicted of any criminal law violation concerning the theft of personal property or receiving stolen property.  If the answer is yes, when and where the conviction was and what law the applicant was found to have violated.
      (8)   Name and names of current employer or employees, and addresses and telephone numbers of employer or employers.
      (9)   If an agent for a business engaging in the purchase of secondhand personal property, the name, address and telephone number of employer.
      (10)   Address at which secondhand personal property will be retained, which shall be the address of the fixed permanent address of the business for which a license is being requested.
      (11)   The name and address of the owner of the premises at which the secondhand personal property will be retained.
      (12)   The place or places, other than the permanent place of business of the applicant, where within the six months immediately preceding the date of such application the applicant conducted an itinerant business, stating the nature thereof and stating the post office and street address of any building in which such business was conducted.
      (13)   A statement that the applicant authorizes any police officer to inspect the records of purchases and sales, of the business during regular business hours, provided the police officer first states when items of personal property he is looking for.
      (14)   If, during any license years, there is any change in the information an applicant or a purchaser gave in obtaining or renewing a license under this article, the purchaser shall report the change to the City Administrator within thirty days after the change occurs, and certify that the information given is correct under the penalties of perjury.
   (f)   A separate license shall be required for each location within the City of Keyser used for the conduct of the business of a purchaser of secondhand personal property.
   (g)   Only individuals may apply for and be granted a purchaser’s license.
      (1)   An application for a purchaser’s license made behalf of a corporation limited liability company or limited partnership shall be applied for by, and upon approval, issued to, the president of the corporation, manager of a limited liability company, or members of the partnership who are authorized to act for it.
      (2)   An application for a purchaser’s license made on behalf of a partnership shall be applied for by and, upon approval, issued to, all the partners who are authorized to act for the partnership. If any partner is a corporation or limited partnership, the application shall be made by and, upon approval, issued to, the president of the corporation of members of the limited partnership who are authorized to act for it.
      (3)   Each individual who applies for a purchaser’s license under this section is responsible for individually and subject to individually all requirements of  of a purchaser as set forth under this article.
   (h)   A purchaser of secondhand personal property shall conduct such business only from the fixed permanent location as specified in the application for the license, which fixed permanent location shall be other than a motel or hotel room generally used by transients, and other than a motor vehicle, mobile home, or trailer, unless such vehicle or trailer is permanently affixed to the real estate.