The council shall by ordinance establish a police department, of which department the chief of police shall be in  command.  He shall be charged with the duty of preserving peace and good order in the city and of protecting the persons and property of the citizens.  He shall have the right to stop, suppress or prevent any immoral, obscene or improper shows, theatrical performances or moving picture exhibitions.  Policemen may be suspended, removed and discharged at any time by the mayor, upon his own motion or that of the chief of police, for good cause, in which event the mayor shall report such suspension, removal or discharge, together with the reason therefor, to the council at its next meeting.  The council shall consider such suspension, removal or discharge and may make such order in reference thereto as it may deem wise.  The council shall have the power to suspend, without pay, the chief of police, or any policemen against whom charges are preferred.
   Whenever any notice is required to be given, or any summons, warrant or other process is required to be served or otherwise executed, under the provisions of this act, it shall be sufficient if such notice, summons, warrant, or other process be executed by an officer of the police department of said city in the same way or manner in which the laws of the state prescribe for executing summonses and subpoenas by state officers, unless otherwise provided by this act.  The chief of police may also execute within this city and civil writ or process issued by the police judge, or any justice of the peace or court in Mineral County, and shall have all the powers conferred by law upon constables and sheriffs, but he shall not act in such capacity until he shall have first qualified before the County Court of Mineral County  and given the bond required of constables.