The Treasurer shall receive and account for all moneys from all sources of municipal revenue.  All license taxes and fees shall be paid him direct by the person to whom such license is issued, and no license shall be valid without the receipt of the treasurer for such tax and fees endorsed thereon.  All officers and agents of the city, authorized to receive money for the city, or revenues thereof, from any source whatsoever, shall pay over to the Treasurer such moneys and revenues within one week after the receipt thereof, or sooner if required by the council.
   He shall keep the funds of the city in some bank or banks within the city, which shall pay to the city two per centum or more per annum interest on such deposits, payable quarterly, based on the average daily balance on such funds in all accounts.  If no bank within the city is willing at any time to receive deposits of the Treasurer, and to pay such interest thereon, the Treasurer shall report this fact to council, which shall thereupon designate a bank or banks in which he shall deposit such funds for the time being, and until some bank in the city will receive deposits at the rate of interest so fixed.
   Said bank or banks shall give bond in the penalty prescribed by council, and with sureties to be approved by council, conditioned for the prompt payment, whenever lawfully required, of all public moneys, or parts thereof, which may be deposited with them.
   The salary fixed for the Treasurer, which shall not be increased or diminished during his term of office, shall be deemed to include all the services of all deputies, clerks and agents employed by him, and no additional allowance shall be made for or on account of any such service so rendered by the Treasurer.  He shall give bond or bonds in an amount to be fixed by council, which bond shall be approved by council, before entering upon the discharge of any of the duties of his office, and file same with the clerk.  The Treasurer shall pay all warrants or other proper orders legally drawn and presented, out of any moneys at the time in the fund on which such warrant or order is drawn, but no money shall be paid by him except as the same shall have been appropriated by the council and upon an order signed by the mayor and city clerk.  If no money is in the fund with which to pay such warrant or order, the Treasurer shall endorse on the back thereof the words “no funds,” and affix the date of such endorsement, and shall preserve a record of such endorsement in his office.  The Treasurer shall perform any other duties which council may from time to time prescribe and which are not inconsistent with the general scope of his duties.