All ordinances passed by the council, and vetoes of the mayor, shall be spread at large upon the journal, and at the next regular meeting such ordinances and vetoes shall be read in open council, and the mayor shall sign said minutes, when found correct or corrected, in the presence of the council.  The council shall provide a well bound book in which shall be copied all ordinances in the order in which they are passed, which ordinances so copied shall be compared  with the originals by the mayor and shall be signed by him when found correct.  Such book shall be indexed so as to show in brief form the substance of the ordinance.  All copies thereof certified, under the hand of the City Clerk and the seal of the City, shall be received by all courts and justices in this state as evidence.  But the council may adopt, by ordinance, properly designating and describing it, a code of laws and ordinances, which when adopted shall be printed in book form, or it may be adopted as a whole after it is printed, and the said code shall be and become the laws and ordinances of said City, and shall be received as such in all courts of this state, and the printed volumes published under the order of the council shall be so received as evidence of what is printed therein until errors or omissions be affirmatively shown therein.