There shall be a lien on real estate within said city for city taxes assessed thereon, and for all fines and penalties assessed to or imposed upon the owners thereof, by the authorities of such city, including expenses for making sidewalks and paving and curbing the same, and for furnishing water, electric lights or other public utilities when furnished by and said city, from the time the same are assessed or imposed, which shall have priority over all other liens except taxes or debts due the United States and the lien for taxes due the state, county or district; and such lien may be enforced by the council in the same manner provided by law for the enforcement of a lien for county taxes, and any time after six months after such lien attaches, the city may in its own corporate name proceed to the enforcement of said lien against the real estate chargeable therewith by a suit in equity.  If any real estate within said city be returned delinquent for the nonpayment of city taxes due thereon, a copy of such delinquent list shall be certified by the council to the auditor of this state and the same may be sold for city taxes, interest and commissions thereon in the same manner, at the same time, and by the same officers as real estate is sold for state taxes; and a return of such sales made to and a deed executed therefor, if not redeemed, in the same manner and with like effect, as the return of sales of real estate for state taxes is made and deed therefor executed to the purchasers.
   Liens against real estate for the cost of abating or removing nuisances by the municipality, as provided in Section Twenty-four herein and the cost of constructing and repairing sidewalks, walkways and curbs by the municipality as provided in Section Twenty-three herein, may be enforced by suit in equity, before any court having jurisdiction, as other liens against real estate  are enforced, and this remedy shall be in addition to the imposition of all other remedies and penalties in the premises under the provision of this act; provided, that in the case of laying or repairing sidewalks, and abating nuisances, there shall be first admitted to record in the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Mineral County, an abstract or statement of the judgement of the council fixing the amount of the expense of laying or  repairing such sidewalk or curb or abating or removing such nuisance, together with the penalty of one per centum per month on said amount from the time so fixed until paid, as provided in this act.  Said abstract or statement may be certified by the City Clerk; and after the amount of the assessment and penalty is due by the terms of the ordinance or resolution laying the same, and a certificate of such levy and assessment, together with the name of the owner and occupier of said property, its location and description, has been filed in the Office of the Clerk of the County Court of Mineral County, and in satisfaction of the amount so due such municipality, and cost of the proceeding, the said real estate may be sold, and the proceeds applied to the payment of the amount so due.
   Water, electric light, power and heating bills and other bills of like kind due the municipality, owning or operating such plant or plants, may be distrained for and collection enforced in the same manner in which the collection of taxes owing to the municipality may be enforced.  The municipal authorities may also shut off the supply of such water, light, heat, power or other commodity from such delinquent person or company and refuse thereafter to furnish such service or commodity to said delinquent until all arrearages are paid.