Whenever anything for which a state license is required, is to be done within said city, or within two miles of the corporate limits thereof, the municipal authorities, as herein provided, may require a city license to be had for doing the same, and may, in any case require from any person licensed, a bond with sureties and in such penalty and with such conditions as it may deem proper, and the council on notice, may revoke such license at any time if the condition of the said bond be broken.  And the municipal authorities may also impose a license and assess a tax thereon on all wheeled vehicles for public hire, all dogs kept within said corporate limits, all insurance, bonding, casualty and guaranty companies, all franchises heretofore granted by the Towns of Keyser and South Keyser or hereafter granted by the City, bill posting and distributing, and the making, erection and construction of signs and street advertisements, book agents, common criers, moving picture shows, drays, cabs, hacks, etc., eating houses, restaurants, and places where soft drinks are sold, express companies, hitting and striking machines, livery and feed stables, omnibuses, electric light and gas companies.  The municipal authorities may prescribe, impose and enforce reasonable fines and penalties, including imprisonment, under the order of the police judge of said city, or the person lawfully exercising his functions, upon any person carrying or attempting to carry on any business for which the said license is required, without first obtaining  a city license therefor, and paying the city license tax assessed thereon.  All licenses provided for in this act shall be paid to the treasurer.  For the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this section the City shall have police jurisdiction for two miles beyond the corporation limits thereof.