To carry into effect these enumerated powers, and all other powers conferred upon said city, expressly or by implication, in this and other acts of the legislature, the municipal authorities of said city shall have power in the manner hereinafter prescribed, to adopt and enforce all needful orders, by-laws and ordinances not contrary to the laws and constitution of this state, and to prescribe, impose and enforce reasonable fines and penalties, including imprisonment, and shall have the right to use the jail of said county for any purpose necessary to the administration of its affairs.  Such fines, penalties and imprisonment shall be recovered and enforced under the judgment of the police judge of the City, or the person lawfully exercising his functions.
   The proceedings before the police judge, or other person exercising his functions, for enforcing regulations and penalties for violation of ordinances, shall be by warrant of arrest in the corporate name of the city, directed to the chief of police, other policemen of the City, or to any constable of Mineral County, commanding the person to whom direct in the name of the State of West Virginia, to forthwith apprehend the offender or cause him to be apprehended and brought before such police judge, or person there sitting, to answer said charge and to be dealt with according to law.
   The warrant of arrest shall be issued only on the information under oath of some reliable person.  It shall describe the offense alleged to have been committed where the same is a felony, as heretofore required in such cases by laws, and where a violation of a City ordinance, it shall describe the offense in such general terms of the ordinance violated as shall inform the accused of the nature of the charge or charges, and command the officer to forthwith apprehend the accused and bring him before the police judge, or person exercising his functions, to be dealt with according to law.  The officer issuing such warrant may endorse thereon, or by subpoena direct, the witnesses to be summoned, and may proceed against them for contempt if they fail or refuse to attend or to testify.  All trials in the police court shall be by summary proceedings.