In addition to the powers conferred upon the council of cities, towns and villages, by the general laws of the state and amendments thereto, and those herein elsewhere enumerated, the council of said city shall have plenary power and authority therein; to locate, vacate, lay off, close, open, alter, grade, straighten widen or narrow, pave or repave, construct and keep in repair bridges, viaducts, under grade crossings, roads, streets, alleys, sidewalks, cross walks, drains and gutters for the use of the public, or any of the citizens thereof, and to improve and light the same, and keep them clean and free from obstruction on or over them; provided, the municipality shall not be liable for or respond in damages for injury to person or property caused by or from a defect or obstruction in or on the plat of ground between the gutter or curb of any street and the paved or plank sidewalk extending there along, or between any such sidewalk and the property lying next adjacent thereto, unless such municipality had actual notice of such defect or obstruction prior to the time of the injury complained of; to regulate the width of sidewalks and the streets, and the width and care of the public grounds or grass plots abutting thereon, and to order the sidewalks, footways, cross walks, drains and gutters to be curbed and paved, or repaved and kept in good order, free and clean, and to provide for the removal of snow and ice therefrom, and for sprinkling the same, by the owners or occupants of the real property next adjacent thereto; and to require that all pavements shall be of uniform material, between any two cross streets; to regulate traffic on, and the use and occupancy of the streets, alleys, roads and highways of said city, and to regulate the speed of travel thereon of all vehicles, and to prohibit or regulate the use thereon of traction engines or other vehicles or loads causing injury to or unusual wear of the same, and to regulate the speed of engines or trains and street cars within the corporate limits, and to provide for the safety and convenience of the public on streets, alleys, roads, highways and railroad crossings, and to prevent the blocking of such crossings by trains; to regulate the erection, construction and location of telephone, electric light and other poles or structures, or conduits used to carry wires, and to cause the removal thereof from the surface of the streets and to require the wires to be placed under ground; to regulate the making of division fences and party walls by the owners of adjoining and adjacent premises and lots, and to regulate or require the drainage by the owner of such lots or other real estate by the proper drains, ditches and sewers, and to fill or cause to be filled any lot below the established elevation or grade; to lay off, open, close, vacate or maintain public grounds, parks and public places, and name and rename the same; to regulate the planting, trimming and preservation of shade trees, by persons and corporations, in streets, alleys, roads, public grounds and places, and to provide for the planting, removal, trimming and preservation of such trees and other ornamental shrubbery by the municipality; to establish, maintain and regulate free public libraries and reading rooms, and to purchase books, papers, maps and manuscripts therefor, and to receive donations and bequests of money or property for the same, in trust or otherwise, and to provide for the rent and compensation for the use of any existing free public libraries established and managed by private corporation or association organized for that purpose; to protect divine worship in and about the premises where held; to regulate or prohibit street carnivals or streets fairs, or street parades, advertising exhibitions or  other exhibitions thereon, or the exhibition of natural or artificial curiosities; to regulate or prohibit the ringing of bells, blowing of steam whistles or use of hand organs or other musical instruments of any annoying character or other music or itinerant performers in the streets, roads, parks, or public places of the municipality; to license, regulate or prohibit auctioneering; to license or prohibit the sale of goods, wares and merchandise or of live animals at auction in the streets or other public places within the municipality; to regulate, license or prohibit the sale of goods, wares, merchandise, drugs or medicine on the streets or other public places; to prevent the illegal sale of intoxicating drinks, liquors, drugs and intoxicating mixtures of all kinds; to impose a license tax on persons keeping for hire automobiles, carriages, hacks, buggies, or wagons, or for carrying for hire persons or baggage in such vehicles; to establish and regulate hack stands and stands for automobiles, coaches, cabs and omnibuses kept on the streets for hire; to regulate or prohibit runners at railroad depots and stations and other places or assemblage of people; to regulate and assess and collect a license fee for the use of the municipality on any thing or business on which a state license is required, subject to the exemptions as provided in Section Thirty-two of the Code; to establish, locate and keep in repair, market places and market houses, and regulate markets, prescribe the time for holding the same and to authorize the seizure thereat and destruction of any and all such goods and drink products as shall be found unwholesome, dangerous or offensive, and without recourse against the municipality for its cost or value; to regulate the sale of all food and drink projects, milk, fresh meats, fish and vegetables, and provide for the inspection of the same; to appoint market masters and invest them with power to make arrests for the violations of the municipal ordinances or regulations in their view, and to prevent regarding or forestalling; to regulate and provide for the weighing of hay, coal and other articles for sale in the market; to prevent injury or annoyance to the public or individual from anything dangerous, offensive or unwholesome; to regulate the keeping handling and transportation of explosives and dangerous combustibles within the municipality; to regulate or prohibit the erection or maintenance in what council deems an improper locality within the municipality any blacksmith shop, livery stable, cow house, cattle pen, poultry house, pig pen, privy, bill board, sign boards, gas or other engines or the use of walls or walks for signs, and to abate by summary proceeding whatever in the opinion of the council is a nuisance; to regulate or prohibit the distribution of hand bills, circulars and other advertisements of like kind on the streets, roads, alleys and public places, or in private yards, buildings or other structures without first having procured the consent of the owner or occupier thereof; to prohibit within the municipality or within one mile of its corporate limits the erection or maintenance of any slaughter house, soap factory, glue factory, lamp black factory, tannery or other house, shop or factory of like kind or character; to establish, regulate and maintain public baths and bath houses, drinking fountains, water troughs and public toilet stations, and free public band concerts, and to regulate the time and place of bathing in pools, streams and public waters within the police jurisdiction of the municipal corporation; to prevent hogs, cattle, sheep, horses and other animals and fowls of all kinds from going at large in the municipality, and to establish and maintain places for their detention, make regulations respecting the same, and appoint a pound master and define his duties; to arrest, convict and punish any person for keeping an assignation house, house of ill fame, or for leasing or letting to another person any house or other building for the purpose of being used or kept as an assignation house or a house of ill fame, or for knowingly permitting any house owned by him or under his control to be used or kept as an assignation house or house of ill fame, or for loafing, boarding or loitering in a house of ill fame or frequenting the same; to arrest, convict and punish any person for importing, printing, publishing, selling or distributing any book, picture or device or other thing containing obscene language or picture or make an indecent representation; to restrain and punish vagrants, mendicants, beggars, tramps, common prostitutes, and their associates and drunken or disorderly persons within the municipality, and to provide for their arrest and manner of punishment; to establish a board of health and invest it with the necessary power to attain its object; to establish quarantine, to enforce compulsory vaccination or quarantine, and to erect and maintain pest houses and places of detention, within or without said city, and to make and enforce necessary orders for controlling or preventing the spread of infectious and contagious diseases and for abating pestilences; to prohibit and punish by fine the bringing into the corporate limits by railroads or other carriers, persons who are paupers, or persons afflicted with contagious diseases, or to punish by fine, or by fine and imprisonment, any person so bringing within the corporate limits such pauper or diseased person; to provide for the poor of the municipality, and to that end the municipality may contract with the county court of Mineral County for keeping of such poor persons, or any number of them, at the county poor house at a price and on such terms as may be agreed upon between the county court and the proper municipal authorities; to authorize the taking up and to provide for the safe keeping and education, for such periods of time as may be deemed expedient, of all children who are destitute of proper parental or other care and who are growing up in mendicancy, ignorance, idleness or vice; to establish and maintain, either within or outside of its limits, a house of correction or a house of refuge and a work house, or either of them, and, in the discretion of the municipality to place the same under the management and control of such directors, superintendents and other officers as the council may, by ordinance, provide.  All children under the age of sixteen years, who shall be convicted of any offense made punishable by imprisonment under any ordinances of the municipality, or who shall be liable to be committed to prison under any such ordinance may be confined in such house of refuge, and may be there kept or apprenticed out under such rules as the municipality may prescribe, until they arrive at the age of eighteen years, unless for good cause sooner discharged.  Any person over the age of sixteen years convicted of the violation of any ordinance of the municipality, and liable to be punished therefor by imprisonment, may in lieu thereof be committed to the house of correction or to the work house, as may be provided by ordinance.  The authorities of any house of refuge, established by such municipality, are authorized to appoint a committee of one or more of their number with power to execute and deliver on behalf of said authorities, deeds of apprenticeship for any inmate of said institution when they deem a proper person for an apprenticeship to a trade or occupation, to such person as said committee, or the authorities may approve, and said deed shall have like force and effect as other deeds of apprenticeship under the laws of this state; a copy of every such deed shall be filed and kept in said institution by the superintendent thereof, and it shall not be necessary to file the same in any other place or office.  When any inmate of said institution shall have been apprenticed and prove untrustworthy and unreformed, he or she shall be recommitted to the said institution to be held in the same manner as before said apprenticeship.  The county court of Mineral County shall have the power to use said house of refuge or work house for children or persons of the age hereinbefore mentioned who shall be convicted in said county, in any court thereof, of nay offense not of the grade of felony under the laws of the this state; provided, said county court shall maintain its just proportion of the expense of such house of refuge or work house, to be levied for and paid out of the county treasury; to authorize the establishment and maintenance of juvenile courts, and to provide for the proper conduct of the same; to arrest, convict and punish any person for cruelly, unnecessarily or needlessly beating, torturing, mutilating, killing, or overloading or over-driving, or willfully, depriving of necessary sustenance, any horse or other domestic animal; to restrain fraudulent practices within the municipality; to arrest, convict and punish any person for gambling or keeping any gaming table, commonly called fare bank table and chips used in playing such game; crap table or chips used in playing such game; or roulette or the wheel or chips used in playing such game; or keno table or table of like kind or device used in playing the same; or table or like kind under any denomination, whether the game or games by played with cards, dice or otherwise, or any person who shall be a  partner, or concerned in interest in the keeping or exhibiting of such gaming table, fare bank table or chips, roulette table, or chips, crap table or chips, keno table or devices, or keeping or maintaining any gaming house or place, or betting or gambling for money or anything of value, and to destroy such gambling paraphernalia as may be found in use on any such premises; to restrain all felons and persons guilty of offenses against this state or the United States and deliver them over to the authority or court having jurisdiction of the offense whereof such person is accused; to apprehend and punish any person, who, without a state license therefor, is guilty of carrying about his person, within the municipality, any revolver or other pistol, dirk, bowie knife, sling shot, razor, billy, metallic or other false knuckles, or any other dangerous or deadly weapons of like kind and character as provided by Chapter Fifty-one of the acts of the legislature of One Thousand Nine Hundred and Nine, and the punishment therefor, whether for the first or other offense, shall be that prescribed by said chapter for any such person guilty under the misdemeanor clause provided therein but the place of confinement of such guilty person may be in the jail or lockup of the municipality in lieu of the county jail; provided, that the police judge of the municipality or other person exercising the functions of his office, may, in his discretion, decline to inflict the punishment therein mentioned, and instead thereof may require or hold such guilty person to answer an indictment by the grand jury of Mineral County for the violation of said law; and it shall be the duty of the prosecuting attorney of such county when requested by the police judge of said municipality, to appear and prosecute such offending person before such police judge; provided, further, that regularly appointed police officers of the municipality whose services are rendered to and paid for by the municipality, shall not be required to give bond, or any bond, provided by said Chapter Fifty-one of the acts of the legislature of One Thousand Nine Hundred and Nine; to provide in or near the corporate limits of the municipality a cemetery or other place for the burial of the dead, and to regulate interments therein, and to guard and police the same, and to provide for the cremation and incineration of dead human bodies, when from the nature of the malady or pestilence from which death ensued, the municipal board of health may direct; to regulate the erection, construction, alteration and repair of dwelling houses, buildings and other structures within the municipality and to compel the numbering of the same by the owners or occupiers thereof; to regulate the hanging of doors and the construction of stairways, elevators and fire escapes in theatres, churches, school buildings, factories and other places where many persons are received at one time, and to require the construction of fire escapes in such buildings; to regulate, by license and otherwise, plumbers, electricians, sewer tappers and vault cleaners; to establish fire limits, and to regulate the construction of buildings and designate materials to be used in the construction of buildings within such limits; to regulate the building of fire walls, fire places, chimneys, boilers, smoke stacks and stove pipes; to take down and remove, or make safe and secure, any and all buildings hereafter erected, and the alteration and repair of any by the owners thereof, that are or may become dangerous, or to require the owners, or their agents, to take down and remove them or put them in a safe and sound condition at their own expense; to regulate the height, construction and inspection of all new buildings hereafter erected, and the alteration and repair of any buildings now or hereafter erected in the municipality, and to require permits to be obtained of the municipality for such buildings and structures and the repair or alteration thereof, and that plans and specifications thereof be submitted to the council ro some person designated by it; to regulate the limits within which it shall be lawful to erect any steps, porticos, bay windows, bow windows, show windows, awnings, signs, columns, piers or other projection or structural ornaments of any kind for the houses or buildings fronting on any street; to provide for the prevention and extinguishment of fires, and for this purpose to organize, equip and govern fire companies and hose companies, and to prescribe the powers and duties of such companies and department, and of the several officers therefor, and to impose on those who fail to obey any lawful command of the officer in charge of such company any penalty which the council is authorized to impose for violations of an ordinance, and to give authority to such fire officer to direct the pulling down of any building or the destruction of any fence, wall, building or other thing if such officer deem it necessary to prevent the spreading of the fire; to protect the persons and property within the corporate limits, and to preserve the peace and good order therein, and for this purpose to appoint, when necessary, a police force, and such other officers, as may be deemed necessary; to prescribe the powers and define the duties of the officers appointed under  corporate authority, fix their terms of service and compensation, if not otherwise prescribed in this act, and to require and take from them bonds, when deemed necessary, payable to the City of Keyser, with the sureties and in such penalties as may be prescribed, conditioned for the faithful discharge of their duties; to erect, own or lease street cars and street railway plant, and to build, equip, maintain and operate street railways within the municipality and to any park, cemetery or public place belonging to the municipal corporation outside of the corporate limits, and to collect of persons riding thereon, or receiving service thereof, a reasonable fare or compensation therefor; to erect, authorize or prohibit the erection of power plants, heating plants, gas works, electric light works or waterworks in the municipality, and to erect, own or lease and maintain within or without the corporate limits of the municipality such gas works, electric light, power works, waterworks and reservoirs to supply the municipality or its inhabitants with water, light, heat or power, and to prevent injury to the same or the pollution of the water or to impair the healthfulness thereof; provided, that whenever said municipality shall operate an electric light plant, a gas plant, or other public utility, except waterworks, in or for the municipality, all the money derived from the operation of the same shall go to the credit of the fund covering the operation of such plant only, and shall not be diverted therefrom so long as there is any bonded or other debt  against the same; and such fund shall be applied to the operating expenses of the plant which that fund covers, and it may be used to repair, improve, enlarge or replenish such plant, or to discharge in whole or in part any bonded or other debt against the same; to grant, by ordinance or franchise, for periods not exceeding thirty years, the use of its streets, roads, alleys and public places, to lay pipes, conduits, manholes, drains, and other necessary fixtures and appliances, to be used for supplying the municipality and its inhabitants with steam or hot water, or both, for heat and power purposes, or both, or for illuminating purposes; and to grant by ordinance or franchise, for periods not exceeding thirty years, the use of its streets, roads, alleys, and public places for the construction of movable or rolling roads, for the conveying or moving of passengers, freight and other property, and those in charge of the same, upon such terms and conditions as are hereafter prescribed; to grant by ordinance or resolution permits for the temporary use of its streets, roads, alleys and public places for the construction of movable or rolling roads, for the conveying or moving of passengers, freight, vehicles, animals or other property, upon such conditions as are hereinafter prescribed; to provide a revenue for the city and appropriate the same to its expense; to this act and to cause to be assessed and collected in each year an ad valorem tax, not to exceed fifty cents on one hundred dollars assessed valuation on all property in said city, subject to state and county taxes, as valued and returned for such taxation by the county assessor; to erect, buy, sell and lease all buildings necessary for the use of the city government, or any of its departments, including a town hall or play house, and to provide for, and regulate the same and establish and maintain public hospitals, and to receive donations, gifts and bequests for the same, in trust or otherwise; to compel the attendance at public meetings of the members of council, citizens’ committee, or any officer or employee of said city; to prevent corrupt practices at all primary and general elections of said city and to fix the maximum sum of money that may be expended by any candidate for nomination or election; to prescribe the purposes for which the same may be used and the penalty or forfeiture to be imposed for violation, which may include the forfeiture of nomination or office; to provide for the removal and abatement of nuisances and to carry out and to enforce sanitary regulations; to regulate the sale of cocaine, morphine, opium and all poisonous drugs within said city, and to prescribe punishment, including fine and imprisonment, for the violation of any such regulation, and to provide that one or more  convictions for violating the same shall operate as a revocation of the license of any druggist or pharmacist holding a license under said city; to provide penalties for the offense and violations of laws mentioned herein, but which shall not exceed the penalties provided for like offenses in Chapters One Hundred and forty-eight, One Hundred forty-nine and One Hundred Fifty-one of the Code of West Virginia; and to punish violations of all ordinances even if the offenses under and against the same shall also constitute an offense under the laws of the State of West Virginia.