The Mayor shall preside at all meetings of the Council; he shall have power to veto any resolution or ordinance, passed by the Council, and every resolution or ordinance so passed must be signed by him, or by the three councilmen, and be recorded before the same shall be in force.  After the passage of any ordinance or resolution by the Council, the ordinance or resolution shall be presented to the Mayor for his approval or disapproval, and at the next regular meeting of the council, he shall return the same with his approval endorsed thereon, or accompanied by his veto and his reasons therefor reduced to writing and if he endorses his approval thereon, or fails to return the same as herein provided, such ordinance shall have full force and effect, but if accompanied by his veto and his reasons in writing the same shall have no force or effect but shall stand as reconsidered in the Council.  The objection of the Mayor shall be entered at large upon the journal of its proceedings, and the Council shall proceed to consider the question which shall be in form: “Shall the ordinance or resolution pass, the objection of the mayor thereto notwithstanding?”.  The vote on the question shall be taken by yeas and nays and shall require the affirmative vote of all three members of the Council to pass such resolution or ordinance over the veto of the Mayor.  Should such ordinance or resolution fail to receive the affirmative votes of all three members of the Council, when returned accompanied by the veto and objections of the Mayor thereto, it shall be null and void, but if it receives the affirmative vote of the three members of the Council, it shall thereupon become and be in full force and effect to the same extent as if it had received the approval of the Mayor. 
   The Mayor shall be superintendent of the department of public affairs and public safety, and he shall, at the first regular meeting of the Council, by and with the consent and approval of the Council, designate one councilman to be superintendent of the department of accounts and finance, one to be superintendent of the department of streets, alleys, parks, public improvements and public property, and one to be superintendent of the department of water works and sewers’ but such designation, including that of the Mayor as superintendent of the department of public affairs and public safety, shall be changed whenever it appears to the Council that such change is necessary or advisable.
   The Mayor shall at said first meeting nominate, and by and with the consent of the Council, shall appoint a city clerk, street commissioner, chief of police, city attorney, treasurer and such other officers and assistants, including regular policemen, as shall be provided  for by ordinance and necessary to the proper and efficient conduct of the affairs of the City; all of said officers shall hold office during the term of the mayor by whom they are appointed and until their successors are appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed by the Council.  Any officer, assistant or employee, elected, appointed or employed  may be removed at any time by a vote of a majority of the members of the Council, under such regulations as the Council may prescribe.  Should the Mayor fail or refuse to transmit to the Council nominations for any or all appointive offices for two successive meetings of the Council, after he shall have qualified, or for two successive meetings after the Council has refused to confirm any nomination made by him, the Council shall fill such office or offices.
   The Mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the City, and he shall, except as otherwise herein provided, see that the laws and ordinances of the City are enforced; that the peace and good order of the city are preserved; he shall be president of the Council and preside at its meetings, and shall supervise all departments and report to the Council for its action all matters requiring attention in any department, and he shall perform such other duties and services as the Council may ordain, in addition to the duties prescribed in this Act, and not inconsistent, therewith.  The superintendent of the department of accounts and finance shall be vice president of the Council, and in case of vacancy in the office of Mayor, or the absence or inability of the Mayor, shall perform the duties of Mayor.