The corporate limits and boundaries of said city shall be as follows, to-wit:  Beginning at a large double poplar on the north-west side of, and at the mouth of White’s run where it empties into the North branch of the Potomac River, standing North 3545' E. 236 feet from the north end of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad culvert over said run, and running thence up the river with and near the state line of West Virginia and Maryland, North 12o W. 462 feet to a sugar at a bend of the river; North 46o 37' W. 600 feet to a large black oak; North 36o W. 225 feet to a large black oak, with double ash pointers; North 61o 15' W. 241.5 feet to a large maple, with sassafras and water birch pointers on the bank of the main branch of the river; South 86o 23' W. 589 feet to a double elm; thence leaving the river, South 36o 43' W. 516 feet passing main tracks of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, at 266 feet, their inspector’s house at 406 feet, the Piedmont Road at 466 feet, leaving said railroad company’s lands to a stone on a hillside on the W. A. Liller lands; thence along said hillside, South 8o E. 1,186 feet to a stone in a hollow in Liller’s orchard near a spring, standing South 50o 30' W. 64 feet from a pointer marked ash tree, and 140 feet from and at right angles to the southerly side of Piedmont Street; thence, parallel to said street, South 51o E. 1,355 feet to a stone standing in the line of said Liller and Randall Harrison, 140 feet southerly from said street; thence leaving Liller and crossing Harrison and F. M. Reynolds vineyard tract, South 520' W. 1,060 feet to the corner of Reynolds and Hetzel’s addition to Keyser, in the old T.B. Davis, or Sheetz and McCarty line; thence along it crossing White’s run, and the road leading up the mountain to Elk Garden, South 31o 45' E. 1,363 feet to a stone in this line by a large post on a hill, corner of Babb, Smith and Trout heirs land; thence leaving said line and with the division line of Babb and Smith; South 36o 33' W. 1,265 feet to a large post, formerly corner of the T.B. Davis and T.R. Carskadon lands; thence along their line, now Babb and others, South 50o 42' E. 1,267 feet passing a set stone, corner of the Davis and Carskadon lands at 1,021 feet, to a stone in the westerly line of an alley at the rear of the lots fronting on Mineral Street; thence with said line of said alley, South 48o W. 1,273 feet leaving the same at 1,060 feet crossing a street and running on the Carskadon lands, to a stone on the southerly side of Carskadon run; thence down and along said run with the southerly side of Carskadon lane crossing New Creek pike at 1,152 feet, New Creek at 1,214 feet, South 48o 56' E. 2,094 feet to two chestnuts and a stone on the mountain, on the Carskadon lands; thence along the mountain leaving said lands at 1,425 feet crossing J.R. Carskadon and Taylor land, North 50o 30' E. 375 feet to two maples, a locust and stone on the Joseph Arnold land, at the northeast end of a bench of the mountain; thence along the side of the mountain passing H. Vernon’s corner at 930 feet, South 69o 12' E. 1,400 feet to a set stone on a hillside with two chestnut oak pointers, south of Arza Furbee’s house; thence North 77o 30' E. 857 feet crossing the Headsville road and the Town mountain and Potomac Railroad at the end of this line to a black walnut stump at the west edge of Limestone Run; thence down along the run, North 7o 55' W. 123 feet; North 8o 50' E. 277.5 feet to a point at the edge of the water; thence down  and with the same passing under the county road bridge and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, through a culvert, North 37o 07' W. 256 feet to the mouth of said run where it empties into the North Branch of the Potomac River at the upper side of “lovers leap” at the state line of West Virginia and Maryland; thence up and with said state line, the direct lines being, South 70o 10' W. 330 feet; North 58o W. 486 feet; North 30o W. 293 feet crossing the mouth of New Creek at 148 feet; North 32o 56' W. 250 feet; North 34o 30' W. 650 feet; North 6o W. 708 feet; North 38o 17' W. 196 feet; North 60o 23' W. 169.2 feet passing the Western Maryland railroad bridge at 26 feet to the center of the south end of the Keyser and McCoole highway bridge; North 59o 30' W. 1,188.6 feet; North 73o W. 800 feet to a three pronged willow at the edge of the water; North 68o 10' W. 686 feet to a large sycamore tree; North 63o W. 1,837 feet to a large poplar; thence North 43o 45' W. 666 feet to the beginning.