(a)   Loading Space; When Required. In any district, in connection with any building or part thereof hereafter erected or altered which is to be occupied by manufacturing, stores, warehouses, goods display, retail commercial, wholesale commercial, market, hotel, hospital, mortuary, laundry, dry cleaning or other uses requiring the receipt or distribution by truck of materials or merchandise, there shall be provided and maintained, on the same lot with such buildings, off-street loading space in accordance with the following schedule:
   Floor Area of Building            Total Number of Off-Street
             (sq. ft.)                         Loading Spaces       
   Less than        10,000                      0
   Over 10,000 to     20,000                      1
   Over 20,000 to     40,000                      2
   Over 40,000 to     60,000                      3
   Over 60,000 to     80,000                      4
   Over 80,000 to   100,000                      5
   Where the floor area of the building exceeds 100,000 square feet, the number of off-street loading spaces shall be determined by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   (b)   Dimensions. Each loading space shall be not less than ten feet in width, twenty-five feet in length and fourteen feet in height.
   (c)   Occupation of Yard. Subject to the limitations in subsection (d) hereof, such space may occupy all or any part of any required yard.
   (d)   Distance in Residence Districts. No such space shall be closer than fifty feet from any other lot located in any residence district, unless wholly within a completely enclosed building or unless enclosed on all sides by a wall or uniformly painted solid board fence not less than six feet in height.
(Ord. 1420. Passed 2-28-66.)