Chap. 501.  General Provisions and Penalty.
Chap. 503.  Advertising and Billposting.
Chap. 505.  Animals and Fowl.
Chap. 509.  Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance.
Chap. 511.  Mass Gatherings Prohibited During Health Emergency.
Chap. 513.  Drug Abuse Control.
Chap. 517.  Gambling.
Chap. 521.  Health, Safety and Sanitation.
Chap. 523.  Clandestine Drug Labs.
Chap. 525.  Law Enforcement and Public Office.
Chap. 527.  Illegal Distribution of Cigarettes, Other Tobacco Products, Electronic Cigarettes or Alternative  Nicotine Products.
Chap. 529.  Liquor Control.
Chap. 533.  Obscenity and Sex Offenses.
Chap. 537.  Offenses Against Persons.
Chap. 541.  Property Offenses.
Chap. 543.  Registration of Felons.
Chap. 545.  Theft and Fraud.
Chap. 549.  Weapons and Explosives.
Chap. 551.  Weeds and Grass.
Chap. 553.  Railroads.
Chap. 555.  Fair Employment Practices.
Chap. 557.  Fair Housing Practice.
Chap. 559.  Emergency Alarms.
Chap. 561.  Criminal Activity Nuisances.