Prohibited Parking, Impoundment of Vehicles
356.01   Definitions.
356.02   Impounding of vehicles; public property.
356.03   Prohibition of leaving vehicles, junk vehicles, or motor vehicles parts on public property.
356.04   Trespassing vehicles prohibited.
356.05   Outside parking or storage of unused motor vehicles  prohibited.
356.06   Prohibition of abandoned junk motor vehicles and vehicle parts without permission of real property owner.
356.07   Prohibition of junk motor  vehicles or junk motor vehicle parts on property with real property owner’s permission.
356.08   Storage of junk motor vehicles or parts as a public nuisance.
356.09   Procedure for removal of trespassing, unused, junk, or abandoned junk motor vehicles  or parts.
356.10   Costs for removal; storage.
356.11   Procedures in disposing of abandoned junk motor vehicle or vehicle parts.
356.12   Enforcement.
356.13   Continuation of notice.
356.99   Penalty.
Storage of junk vehicles - see GEN. OFF. 521.11