(a)   Any permit can be revoked by the City Manager, or if he/she is not present, by the ranking police officer on duty upon the happening of any one or more of the following events:
(1)   Any expansion of the block party or street assemblage beyond the affected area regardless of whether such expansion is known or approved by the permit holder;
(2)   Any acts of vandalism, littering, disorderly conduct or criminal activity by any of the participants in a block party or street assemblage regardless of whether the perpetrators of such acts are apprehended; or
(3)   Any other acts or circumstances, lawful or unlawful which, in the opinion of the City Manager or the ranking police officer on duty, create a substantial risk of injury to person or property.
   (b)   If a permit is revoked the fact of such revocation shall be given to all participants and persons in or near the affected area by announcing such fact over the public address system of any marked police car or by any other manner reasonably calculated to effect such notice. It shall not be necessary to give notice of relocation to the permit holder except insofar as such permit holder may be a participant in the block party or street assemblage.
(Ord. 1979-90. Passed 5-23-79.)