(a)   "Block party" means any willful gathering of two or more persons, within a residential neighborhood, which gathering blocks, hinders or impedes the normal flow of vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic on any public street, sidewalk or tree lawn, with the exception of the following:
(1)   Any gathering of law enforcement officials, firefighters or other public officers and employees while such persons are acting in the course of their official duties;
(2)   Any gathering of persons outside of residential areas as defined in Chapters 1127 to 1139;
(3)   Any gathering of persons caused by any vehicular accident, fire, injury to person or property or other catastrophe;
(4)   Any gathering of persons who are participating in or observing a lawful parade;
(5)   Any auction, house or garage sale so long as vehicular traffic is not blocked or impeded;
(6)   Any gathering of persons who are lawfully engaged in the construction, removal, repair, alteration, improvement or maintenance of any roadway, street, utility right of way or easement, sidewalk, tree lawn, sewer or water line, gas line, electric, telephone or cable television line, utility pole or street light; and
(7)   Any gathering of four or fewer persons who are engaged in any other lawful business or commercial activity.
   (b)   "Street assemblage" means any willful gathering of persons for less than three hours, which does not include sales of goods, food items, or other monetary actions, and which is outside a residential district.  "Street assemblage" does not include parades or special events as described in Chapter 316 of these ordinances.
   (c)   "Permit" means a block party permit or street assemblage permit issued by the City Manager or his/her designee pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.
   (d)   "Affected area" means that portion of a street, alley or roadway, as measured from intersection to intersection, intersection to dead-end or intersection to cul-de-sac as the case may be, which is the site of any block party or street assemblage or any intended or planned block party or street assemblage. When determining the extent of an affected area it shall be necessary to determine the furthermost point of intersection or intersections of the area where vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic is or will be blocked, hindered or impeded in any way with the area or areas where such traffic will not be so blocked, hindered or impeded. The areas between such intersections or between such intersection and a dead-end or cul-de-sac is an affected area.
   (e)   "Affected property" means any parcel of land, any part of which borders on any affected area, as such is defined in subsection (d) hereof.
   (f)   "Affected property owner” means an adult who owns in an affected area. For purposes of proving ownership under this section the identification of ownership as shown on the tax map maintained by the Portage County Tax Map Division of the County Engineer's Office shall be conclusive as of the time when an application for a permit is made.
(Ord. 2005-59.  Passed 6-15-05.)