169.01   Definitions.
169.02   Purpose
169.03   Shade Tree Commission Established
169.04   Shade Tree Commission Duties
169.05   Arborist To Control Trees
169.06   Urban Forest Management Plan (Ufmp)
169.07   Permission Required
169.08   Removing And Pruning  Of Trees On Public Property.
169.09   Abuse Or Mutilation Of Public Trees.
169.10   Deleterious Substances Near Trees.
169.11   Impeding Free Passage Of Water And Air To Roots.
169.12   Preservation And Replacement Of Trees On Public Property.
169.13   Protection Of Trees From Construction Operations.
169.14   Planting Of Trees On Public Property.
169.15   Trees On Private Property.
169.16   Boundary Line Trees.
169.17   Unlawful Interference.
169.18   Tree Work Completed By Utility Company.
169.19   Public Disclosure, Notification, And Access.
169.97   Cost of  Damaged Tree Replacement
169.98   Collection Of Funds.
169.99   Penalty.
Destruction of shrubs, trees or crops - see GEN. OFF. 541.06
Open meetings - see ADM. Ch. 107