Department of Safety
137.01   Organization and structure.
137.02   Appointment of Fire Chief.
137.03   Minimum qualifications of Fire Chief
137.04   Acting Chief of Police.
137.05   Acting Fire Chief.
137.06   Commissioning private policemen.
137.07   Authority of private policeman.
137.08   Bond for private policeman.
137.09   Special school patrol officers.
137.10   Credit for service as part time or special patrolmen.
137.11   Motor vehicle towing.
137.12   Disposition of lost property.
137.13   Credit for service as part-time or volunteer fireman.
137.14   Emergency ambulance service system.
137.15   Emergency ambulance service fees.
137.16   Age requirements for fire personnel.
137.17   Age requirements for police personnel.
137.18   Residency requirements.
Establishment- see CHTR. 7.01
Director - see CHTR. 7.03(E)
Conditions of employment of Director- see CHTR. 7.03(F)