A)   The Board of Health of this City shall be composed of six (6) members, to be appointed by Council. One of the members of the Board shall be a councilperson appointed on a biennial basis by Council; said council member would be a voting member. No member of the Board shall serve more than two (2) full terms consecutively (Amended 11-5-1985).
A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. The Board shall elect one of its members to serve as President of the Board and such other officers as in the opinion of the Board shall be required.
The Health Commissioner by virtue of his or her office shall serve as Secretary and the only exÚofficio, nonÚvoting member of the Board. (Amended 11-6-90.)
The Board of Health of the City may make such orders and regulations as it deems necessary for its own government for the public health, the prevention or restrictions of disease and the prevention, abatement or suppression of nuisances. Orders and regulations not for the government of the Board, but intended for the general public shall be adopted, advertised, recorded and certified as are ordinances of the City and the record thereof shall be given the same force and effect as is given such ordinances. However, in case of emergency caused by epidemic or contagious or infectious diseases, or conditions or events endangering the public health, the board may declare such orders and regulations to be emergency measures, and such orders and regulations shall become effective immediately without such advertising, recording and certifying.
(Added 6-7-77.)