The Director of Finance shall have knowledge of accounting, taxation, budgeting, and financial control as demonstrated by experience, education or both. The Director shall not serve on continuous active military service in excess of one (1) month either State or national, nor shall hold any other public office except that of notary public or member of the State Militia or Reserve Corps of the armed forces of the United States.
         (Amended 11-4-75.)
The Director of Finance shall be the head of the Department of Finance, serve as financial advisor to the administration and have authority and be required to:
         (a)   Maintain a general accounting system for the City government and each of its offices, departments and agencies consistent with municipal accounting practices and the law of the State of Ohio;
         (b)   Prepare and maintain annual income, operating and capital estimates with a supporting annual budget for the chief administrative officer of the City;
         (c)   Prepare and maintain a long range capital improvements budget for the chief administrative officer of the City. This budget shall delineate capital improvement projects to be undertaken by the City over a five year period. It shall further designate priorities among those projects, the rationale for the priorities and the anticipated modes of financing the projects;
         (d)   Supervise and be responsible for the disbursement of all moneys as authorized and in compliance with the law;
         (e)   Prepare for the chief administrative officer as of the end of each fiscal year, a complete financial statement and report;
         (f)   Collect all taxes, assessments, license fees and other revenues due the City or for whose collection the City is responsible, and receive all money receivable by the City from the County, State, or Federal government, or from any court, or from any office, department or agency of the City, or any moneys payable to the City from any source;
         (g)   Have control of all public funds and investments belonging to, or under the control of the City, or any office, department or agency of the City government, and select depositories per the Uniform Depository Laws of Ohio for all funds coming into the City;
         (h)   Examine and audit the accounts of all departments, boards, and commissions;
         (i)   Perform all duties and/or functions, now or hereafter, imposed on city auditors and treasurers by  the laws of the State of Ohio and such other duties as the chief administrative officer may impose upon the Director consistent with the office of the Director of Finance and the provisions of this Charter.
(Amended 11-4-75.)