The City Manager shall be the chief administrative officer of the City. The Manager shall be responsible to the Council for the administration of all City affairs placed in his or her charge by or under this Charter. The Manager shall have the following powers and duties:
   A)   Appoint and, when he or she deems it necessary for the good of the service, suspend or remove all City employees and appointive administrative officers provided for by or under the Charter, except as otherwise provided by law, the Charter, or personnel rules adopted pursuant to this Charter. He or she may authorize any administrative officer who is subject to the direction and supervision of the Manager to exercise these powers with respect to subordinate officers in that department, office or agency.
   B)   Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the City, except as otherwise provided by this Charter.
   C)   Attend all Council meetings and shall have the right to take part in discussion but may not vote.
   D)   See that all laws, provisions of this Charter and acts of Council, subject to enforcement personally or by officers subject to his or her direction and supervision, are faithfully executed.
   E)   Prepare and submit to Council and make available to the public, an annual budget providing a complete financial plan of all City funds and activities for the ensuing fiscal year which, except as required by law or this Charter, shall be in such form as the Manager deems desirable unless Council requires otherwise. He or she shall explain the budget both in fiscal terms and in terms of work programs, including any major changes from the current year in financial policies, expenditures, and revenues, together with the reasons for such changes, and a summary of the City's debt position.
   F)   Prepare and submit annually to the Council and make available to the public, a capital program to including a list of all capital improvements proposed, pending, or in process of construction or acquisition, with appropriate supporting information as to the necessity for such improvements. The capital program shall further include cost estimates, methods of financing and recommended time schedules for each such improvement and the estimated annual cost of operating and maintaining the facilities to be constructed or acquired.
   G)   Submit to the Council and make available to the public a complete report on the finances and  administrative activities of the City as of the end of each fiscal year.
   H)   Make such other reports as the Council may require concerning the operations of City departments, offices and agencies subject to his or her direction and supervision.
   I)   Keep the Council fully advised as to the financial condition and future needs of the City and make such recommendations to the Council concerning the affairs of the City as he or she deems desirable.
   J)   Perform such other duties as are specified in this Charter or may be required by the Council.
(Amended 11-4-75.)
   K)   The City Manager shall be recognized as head of the City government by the Governor, or other designated State of Ohio authorities, for purposes of military law and Emergency Management, with timely notice to the Mayor and the City Council whenever this particular authority is exercised.
(Added 11-8-2005)