The Council shall have the power from time to time to fix the salaries or compensation of all officers, other than Council members, and employees and members of boards and commissions of the City, whether elected or appointed, including the Director of Law, Director of Service, Director of Safety, Civil Engineer or any directorships created through additional legislation. All salaries established prior to the effective date of this Charter shall remain in effect until changed by Council and the salary of any officer, employee or member of a board or commission whose position shall have been newly created by this Charter shall be the same as the salary for such officer, employee or member of the board or commission upon which are imposed corresponding functions, powers and duties prior to the effective date of this Charter. Council may require any officer or employee to give bond for the faithful performance of such officer's duties in an amount as it may determine and with such surety as it may approve, and may from time to time require additional bond or surety from any officer or employee, any may provide that the premium for such bond be paid by the City.
   The Council shall also have the power to fix the salaries or compensation for all its members. Every two (2)years, prior to fixing Council members salaries, a nonÚpartisan group of citizens shall be appointed by Council to review and make recommendations on the salaries of the Council members. Salary adjustments shall not take effect until the next term of the Council members.
(Amended 11-5-85.)