Ord. No.   Date   Description
702   8-6-35   Normal Ave. to University Dr.
723   11-23-36   Stow St. from W. & L.E. R.R. to W. Main St.
787   6-6-38   Crain Ave. from E. Main St. to University Dr.
796   8-15-38   Stinaff St. from Hudson Rd. to N. Mantua St.
802   9-6-38   S. Chestnut St. from W. Main St. to Stow St.
803   9-6-38   Linden Rd. from E. Main St. to Crain Ave.
804   9-6-38   E. Williams St. from S. Water St. to Vine St.
808   9-12-38   E. Elm St. from S. Water St. to Vine St.
818   10-3-38   Highland Ave. from Columbus St. to Crain Ave.
820   10-3-38   Harris St. from Cedar St. to Franklin Ave.
847   2-27-39   S.  Lincoln St.  between E.  Summit St.  and High St.
852   3-22-39   All streets within University Heights Allotment.
856   3-22-39   W.  Williams St.
874   7-24-39   Sidewalk 12.50 feet west of center line of Wilson Ave.  between E. Main St.  and Crain Ave.
875   7-24-39   Sidewalk on Needham Ave.  between corporation line and N.  Mantua St.
879   7-24-39   E.  School St.  between S.  Water St.  and Vine St.
906   9-18-39   Meredith St.  between Longmere Dr.  and Roosevelt Ave.
955   6-17-40   Crain Ave.  between N.  Depeyster St.  and E.  Main St.
995   2-17-41   Parts of Rellim Dr.  and Vine St.
1075   7-20-42   Meredith St.  from Longmere Dr.  to Akron-Kent Blvd.
1090   12-7-42   N.  River St.  from W.  Main St.  to N.  Mantua St.  to Gougler Ave.
1161   9-10-45   Street and sidewalk on Tallmadge Ave.  from Stow St.  to Middlebury Rd.
1215   12-2-46   Kent City Park to Fred Fuller Park.
1233   4-7-47   Hudson Rd.  from Fairchild Ave.  to City limits.
1302   5-3-48   E.  School St.  between S.  Water St.  and Vine St.
1311   6-7-48   Sidewalk on W.  Summit St.  from Franklin Ave.  to S.  Water St.
1360   1-10-49   Courtland Ave.  to Temple Ave.
1389   7-11-49   Street and sidewalk on part of Roosevelt Ave.
1390   7-11-49   Miller Ave.  from Crain Ave.  northward.
1413   9-12-49   Center line street grade on Leonard Blvd.  from Longmere Dr.  to west corporation limits.
1951-26   7-2-51   Vine St.  from E.  School St.  to High St.
1951-29   8-6-51   Rellim Dr.  from Vine St.  to Morris Rd.   
1953-84   12-7-53   Sidewalk of east side of Longmere Dr.  from Gardenview to Middlebury Rds.
1954-82   10-4-54   Middlebury Rd.
1956-71   10-1-56   Vine St.
1957-8   1-7-57   Gardenview St.
1957-13   2-11-57   Akron-Kent Blvd.  to Akron Blvd., N.  Lincoln St.  to Edgewood Dr.
1960-62   7-27-60   University Dr.  to Woodside Dr., Roberts St.  to Delores Ave., Crain Ave.  to Luther Ave.  Morris Rd.
1960-79   9-7-60   Yvonne Dr.  to Yacavona Dr.
1961-89   9-20-61   Sidewalk on E.  Main St.
1061-102   11-22-61   Street and sidewalk grades on Elno Ave.  from Munroe Falls Rd.  to Longmere Dr.
1962-132   11-21-62   Sidewalk grade on E.  Main St.  from North Depeyster St.  to North Willow St.
1963-90   9-18-63   Sidewalk grade on south side of E.  Day St.  between S.  Water and S.  Depeyster Sts.
1966-33   3-7-66   Portion of Akron-Kent Blvd., from Bryce Rd.  to Loncoy Ave.  to Major’s Lane.
1965-44   4-12-65   Sidewalk grade on west side of South Water St.  from Summit St.  to Williams St.
1967-31   2-22-67   Main St.  to Begala Ave.  for one week (March 20-27, 1967).
1967-153   9-20-67   Sydney Dr.  to Spaulding Dr.
1971-33   3-1-71   Akron Blvd.  between Fairchild Ave.  and Martin Ave.  changed to Majors Lane.
1977-12   1-19-77   Relocated State Rte.  59 from S.  Willow St.  to Langmere Dr.  to become known as Haymaker Parkway.
1985-20   5-1-85   Juniper Dr.  to Burr Oak Dr.
2007-108   11-14-07   Rename Admore Drive to Stonewater Drive.
2011-100   10-19-11   Rename Alley #4 to Burbick Way.