1501.01 ADOPTION.
   (a)    There is hereby adopted by the Municipality, the most current version of the Ohio Fire Code (OFC) in its entirety including appendices, as approved by the State Fire Marshal of Ohio. The BOCA National Fire Prevention Code/1996 administrative requirements are not adopted material and are replaced with administrative requirements promulgated by the State of Ohio, Ohio Administrative Code as the same now exists or as may be amended by future editions thereof.
   (b)    The effective date for each rule of the Ohio Fire Code varies and is indicated in each chapter individually.
   (c)   Where a special provision is made in a use group classification of Ohio Building Code and is inconsistent with a general provision of Ohio Building Code relating to buildings generally, the special provision governs, unless it appears that the provisions are cumulative. (OAC 4101:2-1-07; Ord. 2016-90. Passed 9-21-16.)