(a)   Donation drop-off bins are for use by registered nonprofit organizations that will donate the clothing/items to persons in need and/or utilize any proceeds earned from the sale of any donated clothing/items for charitable purposes only.
   (b)   A permit will need to be issued by the Community Development Department prior to placement of the donation drop-off bin in the community.  The nonprofit organization will need to provide a copy of 501(c)3 status at time of permit issuance.
   (c)   The donation drop-off bins are permitted on non-residential property only and the owner, lessee, person or other legal entity in control of the property where the bin is to be placed must provide written documentation that permission has been granted for the bin placement, prior to permit issuance.
   (d)   Donation drop-off bins must clearly identify, in writing on the face of the bin, the entity responsible for maintaining the bin, including a contact phone number and address.
   (e)   Donation drop-off bins must be regularly emptied of their contents so that donated clothing/items do not overflow, resulting in donated materials being stored in the surrounding area outside of the bin.
   (f)   The donation drop-off bins must be fully enclosed, with a receiving door for donated goods that does not allow access to anyone other than those responsible for the retrieval of items.
   (g)   Donation drop-off bins must be located so as not to interfere with line-of-sight for drivers and must be located so as not to impede parking lot vehicle circulation.
   (h)   Donation drop-off bins must not violate setbacks, landscaping, parking or any other requirement imposed on any non-residential property by the City’s site plan approval process.
   (i)   Donation drop-off bins must be placed on a hard surface.
   (j)   There will be no fee for the permit, but a permit is required for all donation drop-off bins placed on any non-residential property within the City of Kent.
   (k)   The owner, lessee, person or legal entity in control of the property where the donation drop-off bin is being maintained and the person, organization or entity which owns, maintains or operates the bin, must be jointly and severally liable for any violation of the ordinance(s) governing the bins placement and maintenance.
   (l)   Violation of the above donation drop-off bin regulations are subject to the civil penalties of Section 501.13 “Civil Offenses” of the Kent Codified Ordinances.
   (m)   If three (3) or more violations of the donation drop-off bin regulations are documented in a one year period, the bin must be removed from its location and cannot be placed at any other location within the City of Kent.
(Ord. 2016-77.  Passed 8-17-16.)