It shall be the responsibility of the owner, operator or agent of any residential rental unit to give notice of his housing license with the City to tenants by one of the following authorized methods prior to the commencement of a rental term with such tenant:
   (a)   Display the license in a conspicuous place within the common ways of the residential rental unit.
   (b)   Give the following written notice to the tenants: 
"This residential rental unit is licensed by the City of Kent for the period of ________to _________  for not more than _________ occupants. Be advised that both landlords and tenants have certain responsibilities to each other as are set forth in the Environmental Health and Housing Maintenance Code of the City of Kent, Ordinance 1979-219 (Title 7), Planning and Zoning Code (Part 11), Building Code (Part 13) and Property Maintenance, Housing and Enforcement Code (Part 14) or any other applicable section of the Kent Codified Ordinances.  Copies of this Housing Code can be obtained at the Kent Health and Community Development Departments. The owner, operator or agent of any residential rental unit shall give a minimum of 24-hour notice to tenants prior to entering the property for inspections, repairs, or maintenance." 
   (c)   The blanks described in subsection 1367.02(b) must be filled in, in ink, reflecting the accurate dates and number of residents.
      (Ord. 2016-40.  Passed 4-20-16.)