Unless specifically exempted by this Section, residential rental units must be maintained in accordance with the most recently adopted Ohio Residential Code.  This includes, but is not limited to, each of the following requirements. 
   (a)   Window Areas.  Every habitable room shall have at least one window or ventilating sky light facing directly to the outdoors. The minimum total window area measured between stops, for every habitable room shall be ten percent of the floor space of such room.
   (b)   Ventilation. Every habitable room shall have at least one window or sky light which can be easily opened or such other device as will adequately ventilate the room. The total of openable window area in each habitable room shall be equal to at least fifty percent of the minimum window area size as required in subsection (a) herein, except when supplied with such other device affording adequate ventilation and installed in an approved manner.
   (c)   Bathroom Ventilation. Every bathroom and water closet compartment shall comply with ventilation requirements as described in subsection (b) herein.
   (d)   Electric Requirements.  The owner or operator in charge of a dwelling shall provide a properly installed and maintained electric light fixture in order to supply adequate light in all common areas including stairways, hallways, entranceways, laundry rooms, furnace rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, exterior porches, and similar common areas.  Every habitable space in a dwelling shall contain at least two separate and remote receptacle outlets.  Multiple converter plugs permitting two or more appliances to be plugged into the same outlet shall not be used.  Every laundry area shall contain at least one grounded-type receptacle.  Every bathroom shall contain at least one receptacle.  Any new bathroom or kitchen receptacle outlet shall have ground fault circuit interrupter protection. All receptacles exposed to outdoors shall be of the grounding type.  All receptacle outlets shall have the appropriate faceplate cover for the location.  All electrical equipment, wiring, lighting, and appliances shall be properly installed and maintained in a safe and approved manner.
   (e)   Heating Facilities. The owner or operator in charge of a dwelling shall provide a heating facility installed in an approved manner and maintained in good working condition capable of maintaining a temperature of at least 68°F for any 24 hour period in all habitable rooms, bathrooms, water closet compartments and kitchens. The temperature inside a dwelling shall be measured in the approximate center of each room and approximately three feet above the floor.  No combustibles shall be stored within 18 inches of the furnace or heating facilities.  Heating facilities designed with filters shall maintain the filters per the manufacturers' recommendations.
   (f)   Plumbing Fixtures.   Every occupant of a dwelling unit shall keep all plumbing fixtures therein, in a clean and sanitary condition and shall be responsible for the exercise of reasonable care and the proper use and  operation thereof.
   (g)   Screening.  All windows or other devices used or intended to be used for ventilation shall be supplied with screens.  If a screen is supplied to doorways opening directly from a dwelling to outdoor space it must be properly maintained and supplied with a self-closing device.
   (h)   Pest Protection. Every window and every other opening which might provide an entry for pests shall be supplied with a screen or other device as will effectively prevent entry by such pests into the building. Proper precautions shall be taken to secure the building and prevent pest infestation.
      (Ord. 2016-40.  Passed 4-20-16.)