Flood Damage Control
1337.01   General Provision.
1337.02   Definitions.
1337.03   Administration.
1337.04   Use and Development Standards for Flood Hazard Reduction.
1337.05   Appeals and Variances.
1337.06   Enforcement.
Flood control bonds; public capital improvement  see Ohio Const. Art. VIII, Sec. 21; Ohio R.C. 129.70 et seq.
County Commission flood control aid to governmental units  see Ohio R.C. 307.77
Basis of zoning districts  see Ohio R.C. 713.10
Levees -  see Ohio R.C. 717.01
Construction permits and prohibitions for dams, dikes or levees  see Ohio R.C. 1521.06
Marking flood areas  see Ohio R.C. 1521.14
Ohio Water Commission  see Ohio R.C. 1525.01 et seq.
Conservancy districts, purpose  see Ohio R.C. 6101.04