(a)   The Owner(s) of the Development area shall have the site inspected for soil erosion, sediment control and other environmental concerns every seven (7) calendar days, and within twenty-four (24) hours of a 0.5 inch or greater rainfall event until the site is certified as being stable by the Development Engineer or his designee.
   (b)   The Owner(s), or his designated representative, shall keep a written log of each inspection and any subsequent improvements to the soil erosion, sediment control or other environmental controls. At a minimum Tthe inspections report shall include:
      (1)   Date of the inspections
      (2)   Name, titles, and qualifications of personnel making the inspection of the inspector,
      (3)   Weather information for the period since the last inspection (or since commencement of construction activity if the first inspection) including a best estimate of the beginning of each storm event, duration of each storm event, approximate amount of rainfall for each storm event (in inches), and whether any discharges occurred
      (4)   Weather information and a description of any discharges at the time of the inspection
      (5)   Location(s) of discharges of sediment and other pollutants from the site
      (6)   Location(s) of BMPs/SCMs that need to be maintained
      (7)   Location(s) where additional BMPs/SCMs are needed that didn't exist at the time of the inspection: and
      (8)   Corrective action required including any changes to the SWP3 necessary and implementation dates.
   (c)   If the inspection reveals that a control practice is in need of repair or maintenance, with the exception of a settling pond, it shall be repaired or maintained within 3 days of the inspection.  Sediment settling ponds shall be repaired or maintained within 10 days of the inspection
   (d)   If the inspection reveals that a control practice fails to perform its intended function and that another, more appropriate control practice is required, the SWP3 shall be amended and the new control practice shall be installed within 10 days of the inspection.
   (e)   If the inspection reveals that a control practice has not been implements, the control practice shall be implemented within 10 days from the date of the inspection.  If the inspection reveals the planned control practice is not needed, the record shall contain a statement of explanation as to why the control practice is not needed.
   (f)   The information listed above shall be maintained for 3 years following the submittal of a notice of termination.
   (g)   If the construction site is subject to Ohio EPA's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, a copy of all of the required inspection sheets will be submitted to the Development Engineer or his designee monthly if the Development is for a residential subdivision or a commercial or industrial site.  Single family residential sites and other similar sites as identified by the Development Engineer or his designee need only submit inspection reports at the completion of the building permit phases.
   (h)   Inspections are not required for exempted items listed in Section 1199.01(b) and 1199.01(c).
   (i)   Before any earth is disturbed erosion and sediment control measures shall be installed.  The Community Development Department shall complete an initial inspection to insure compliance.
   (j)   Disturbed areas and areas used for storage of materials that are exposed to precipitation shall be inspected for evidence of or the potential for pollutants entering the drainage system.
   (k)   Locations where vehicles enter or exit the site shall be inspected for evidence of off-site vehicle tracking. 
(Ord. 2017-17.  Passed 3-15-17.)