(a)   All Developments shall be provided with a drainage system that is adequate to prevent the undue retention of surface water on the Development site. Surface water shall not be regarded as unduly retained if:
      (1)   The retention results from a technique, practice or device deliberately installed as part of an approved Storm Water Management Plan; or
      (2)   The retention is not substantially different in location or degree than that experienced by the Development site in its predevelopment stage, unless such retention presents a danger to health, safety, or welfare of the community.
   (b)   Whenever practicable, the drainage system of a Development shall coordinate with and connect to the drainage systems or drainage ways on surrounding properties or streets.
   (c)   Use of drainage swales rather than curb and gutter and storm sewers is provided for in Section 1339.05 and Chapter 1203 . Private roads and access ways within unsubdivided Developments shall utilize curb and gutter and storm drains to provide adequate drainage if the grade of such roads or access ways is too steep to provide drainage in another manner or if other sufficient reasons exist to require such construction.
   (d)   Sufficient investigation shall be conducted to verify that the condition and capacity of any existing storm sewer to be utilized as a part of the Development or as a Discharge point for Storm Water from the Development is adequate and that its use will not adversely affect other properties. Such investigation shall be supplemented with surveys, field reports and calculations.
   (e)   Roof drains shall be connected to the storm sewer system, drainage course, or other approved location (i.e. rain garden). Roof drains shall not be permitted to discharge upon walks or pavement areas or through the street curb into the street gutter.
   (f)   Wherever possible and in all projects which encumber 40,000 square feet of ground surface area with building and/or impervious surfaces (pavements, walks, etc.), the Storm Water design shall incorporate storm-water detention and/or retention designed and constructed in accordance with approved engineering practices.
(Ord. 2017-17.  Passed 3-15-17.)